Official and Public Retraction and Apology

To Paula Joyce, Jennifer Joyce(Chatfield), Samantha Joyce, and their respective family members:


With the most profound and heartfelt sincerity, I must apologize for upsetting all of you. I am so very sorry for involving your names with certain derogatory opinion blog posts on this site as well as on and I am thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of my actions for having been so mean to people who did absolutely nothing to deserve the emotional distress my posts caused them. I was very hurt that my brother would go so far out of his way to hurt me, my husband, my daughter, my son, my son’s adoptive parents, and their brother, for things he did not understand and for lies he was told by a con artist (and completely unrelated to the misunderstanding and drama that was occurring within our family at the time). That is still no excuse for me to have stooped to his level and hurt completely innocent people. I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness even though for my shameful actions i am not worthy of such consideration. I have removed all the tags and I am desperately trying to get help in removing your names and any other tag that directly or indirectly involve you personally, from the tag archives on all three of my blog sites.

I will post this on all three sites and on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn however, I have not used any of your names as tags unless individually requested and authorized. If you should desire being tagged on this blog post, as an effort to ensure its visibility and reach the same number of viewers as the derogatory post, kindly provide a comment below with your authorization and request.


Sharon Joyce-Burns


P.S. I also removed my brother’s names and other tags that had any reference to them personally simply because those tags were indirectly associated with all of you. But I do not apologize for distress caused to them personally nor shall I EVER forgive them for the pain and anguish they maliciously perpetrated against my family.


Legal Advice, From Attorney Vincent W. Davis


This information is provided courtesy of Vincent W. Davis, Attorney at Law and posted herein with permission. See below post for more information.

10 Things You Should do if CPS or DCFS is Investigating You

1: Take any accusations seriously.

No matter how absurd or unbelievable the CPS/DCFS social worker’s claim(s) may seem, please understand that the social worker is dead serious, and most likely presumes – no… most likely BELIEVES that you are guilty as accused. Even if the social worker doesn’t admit that s/he is at your home to take your children, often times that IS EXACTLY why they are there. It is our experience, over 20+ years, that the majority of CPS social workers develop a cynical view of life and assume that you are UTTERLY GUILTY until YOU PROVE that you are not: the opposite of the way the “justice system” is supposed to operate.

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Vital Information from Attorney Vincent W. Davis



The Most Important Thing You Must Know At the Beginning of Your Juvenile Dependency Case


I’ve been noticing a shift in the willingness of social workers, and sometimes judges to place foster children with family. It seems that all the political lobbying foster parents are doing in Sacramento and amongst the County social workers is paying off.

It is imperative that you know the following: YOU MUST FIGHT TO PLACE YOUR CHILDREN WITH FRIENDLY RELATIVES at the very beginning of the case; otherwise you risk losing them to adoption to the foster parent. This is rarely fought about during these juvenile dependency cases. And it should be something that should be raised by your attorney at each and every hearing…

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