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http://www.donnellyjustice.me  is proud to bring you “donnellyjustice2”, to carry on our blogs without overcrowding the original site as it was taking a long time to load and we want to bring you information and resources as quickly as possible.  We thank you for your continued support of our site and appreciate all of your comments.

We are doing our best to post as much information as possible. We receive many emails and comments begging us for help. I wish I could really help each and every person who asks. If we have not called you, it’s only because we are very poor  so we move often and find it difficult keeping our phones active with minutes. CPS took everything we had and due to our criminal felony records (for RESCUING OUR SON FROM THE ABUSES OF FOSTER CARE) it has been extremely difficult finding jobs. We want to keep http://www.donnellyjustice.me ad-free but we may consider changing that in the near future in order to allow us to help others. We attempted to raise some money to mass produce our Detention Hearing Audit Packet but no one donated. We understand though, CPS preys on the vulnerable, not the rich.   Also, the nicer you are, the more vulnerable you are. The more well-behaved your children are, the MORE ADOPTABLE they are.

MAYBE WE SHOULD TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO BE RUDE, ABUSIVE, VULGAR AND DISOBEDIENT THEN CPS WON’T WANT THEM! Or, at least, teach them to only be that way when CPS comes to the door!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to donnellyjustice2

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  2. Im trying to leave a reply to you. Was you successful in getting Donnelly home? Where is he now? I have not seen any recent documentation on your plight and am curious as to how you have progressed. I pray you and your family are healthy and doing well.

    • Jessie, Thank you for your prayers and for supporting our site. My husband and I are in constant turmoil. It takes a toll on our marraige too. We are still haunted by the ex-wife since my husband has four children with her. She still tries to cause problems for my husband and I and especially her kids. We have a hard time getting jobs and keeping them. Google our names and you will find that CPS made sure that the press made us look like major criminals (twice!). Our records are terrible now and our other kids have a hard time with not being able to see their brother. When I found out last year where my son was I wrote to them (they adopted Donnelly) they filed a restraining order and the judge granted it despite no real threat of harm. We just want to see him but they claim that they are scared of us. It is very difficult. I’m filing a lawsuit very soon but it won’t make them give our son back. Thank you for asking. God Bless if you believe which I no longer do…Sharon Joyce-Burns

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