8 thoughts on “I NEED APS STORIES ASAP!

  1. I want to know what is APS stand for and what state county god bless
    We say DCFS or where my friend at she say dps another friend i know says dyfs
    we know em also nationwide i see called cps so what is ps

  2. Vincent Davis is on CPS’ side. He is foul and slimy, and he is a scammer. Please email me for direct proof that he worked with the social worker to have my child placed with his pedophile father. He is going to scam all the desperate people here. leahgordon7@gmail.com

  3. They call me page1 Im bein sofering for long time. Cass I have sex abuse hanting my sons. Kud and boy. Not reall name. Is for protection. Well they sex trafiking and. Sex pone my sons. And they herting then to. Only las nigth they send biy roning out of here. Ragth after work. And they make kid be only and andwr wer all they. And no foid only water. And they teling kud thad he care for heme. I dont belive. They more consord aboy kid. Cass he can dominet kud se. They being haven hard time with me and boy they dont like thad so they being herting me orety bad. Ans sen kid out of here thes 3 peoples apt left ragth and they battom . help pleace they geting strimly abusave tuor us . plus kud have a ingery and they ragth saed . need DC ti liik at it thanks page1

  4. 15 years ago cps took my 3 boys 7,3,and a year and a half. they terminated my rights they were asked in court what me and my husband did to loose our kids they said “nothing there bad roll models” they took my babies and i never seen them again.I never got a goodbye visit and they never told me i could file for an open adoption so i could still have visits. I havent seen the two youngest boys in 15 years.A year after my rights were terminated my 7 year old son shows up at my door and asks why i havent been to see him i said because they terminated my rights the worker turns and says NO NOT WITH steven just the other two. and i said what the hell do you mean not with him just the other two.
    I was so mad. well a few years later i have had two more kids same dad and when they turn 1 and a half and 3 they come and remove them ilegally as hell robert powell got them back and we sued santa clara county and won. needless to say my son steven had ran from a place called chamberlans because he was being sexually raped by one of the male counslers there. when he tried to tell another adolt what was going on they loclked him in a room for 2 weeks when they let him out he ran away this distroyed my husband and my mairage.we divorced.now in 2007 i get together with my soulmate and we do great for 8 years my two youngest boys are raised by him they love him very much they are getting good grades my 4th son is getting honor roll all the time to make dad proud.i go threw almost 2 and a half years of school first a medical assistant then a firefighter then an E.M.T.. One day my boyfriend finds out his dad has to have a tripple byepass and he looses it . ive known him for years i saw it coming i sent the boys to there friends for the night and i went to my friend. I CAME BACK the next day and he had distroyed all his personal property with an axe. he asks me to go with him to orgegon and i said ok we left the boys with three different babysitters and we leftwhile we are in oregon i get a call from my nabor telling me cps has my boys.Now they want my boyfriend to move out and he completely loosesit and wound up being killed on i5 by the cops.well now the boys have lost there step dad and i my soul mate,i prove in court that the alagations are not true they are unfounded in the paperwork but they still want me to do family reunifoiction what the hell is going on wow thats all i can say.

  5. My friend needs help… Unfortunately she goes to court tomorrow morning at 9am…due to a family riff with sister and being arrested for petty notions presented by such sister…for 13yrs….this is going way to far….sister and 2cousins now have grandma in hospital until confidentiality test,the second time for this…. Friends austic son is sitting in a hospital Ward cause no one there can speak sign…..I could go on and on..friend is getting ready to lose mom,child and farm in the name of jealousy and greed…need to talk to someone getting hard to text due to my tears….this women is getting ready to lose family /farm including animals, social services is railroading her to the end…..I think there are four or five more cases on this woman between tomorrow and June
    ……………Help Please is there no one to listen??????

  6. I just poured my heart out to you all how about my friend getting ready to lose your family and her Farm in a real town in North Carolina I need to speak with somebody they can offer her or her attorney some help it’s just ridiculous this is cruel these social workers think they’re on the right hand of God enough somebody’s reading this or listening please contact me so I can give her some idea between now and 9 a.m. tomorrow morning her child is artistic they have got him on meds and a hospital under surveillance as boys never had met before

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