What Happens If You Do Not Answer The Door For CPS?


If you didn’t answer the door for CPS – I COMMEND YOU! But what happens now? Well, I can assure you they will be back. Unless they have real evidence that a child is in imminent danger of physical harm or death, most likely they cannot obtain a warrant. However, they may commit perjury to do so. They may come back with the police but if they are knocking, they do not have a warrant therefore, not enough evidence. The police will just be an intimidation tactic and/or protection for the CPS workers. So you don’t have to answer the door then either. If you choose to not open the door, you can either ignore them or speak to them through a security screen door or the window.

If you decide to ignore them, be aware of your household noises. So if your children are playing outside, if you just had a visitor show up and CPS surely saw them enter your home, if your kids are running around the house making all kinds of noise, if the phone rings while they are at the door and they hear it ring and answered, if you have a fireplace and there is smoke coming out of it, if you have a dog that barks at the door and you call the dog off and it stops barking (when people are not home, most dogs continue to bark and bark as long as there is someone at the door). If the TV is loud and then all of a sudden the volume turned down, if you have a sneezing attack, or any other obvious sign that you are home, you are taking a risk that they will interpret your actions to mean that you are hiding something and/or that your lack of answering the door means the child is in imminent danger.

If you decide to speak to them through a security door or window, give them your phone number and tell them to call and make an appointment because now is not a good time. Tell them someone has a highly infectious disease, they for sure won’t want to come it. But they will probably want to know who, if there are children exposed to it and why aren’t they at the hospital. But, feel free to be creative. You could also deny you are the person they want to speak to by saying that you just moved in yesterday. They don’t ask for ID when they are at the door. I don’t believe they ever ask for ID during an investigation.


CPS at your door, don’t let them in!

If you are home and the kids are taking a nap, you probably can get away with not answering the door if the house is relatively quiet. If it is ever questioned, you can say that you were cleaning with the vacuum on, chilling out back with your headphones on, you were in the shower, out gardening in the backyard or taking a nap.




What you also have to worry about is CPS going to your child(ren)’s school. Every employee in the school district fully cooperates with CPS and will not hesitate to allow them access to your child and thus violate your child’s rights and your right to be present. Children are often detained from their parents at their school.  What I would do is write a Declaration of Non-Authorization, get it notarized and provide it to the school administration. Make sure you speak to the office staff, the counselors and the Principals, explaining to them what your Non-Authorization is about. Simply write something like:

      I, Jackie Nosmakey, hereby restrict Safe Haven School District and Safe Haven Elementary School Superintendents, Directors, Administrators, Clerks, Counselors, Nurses, Social Workers and other school staff, including volunteers and visitors, from allowing anyone representing Social Services, including Police Officers, to speak to my child, Angelle Nosmakey, without my express written consent and/or without my presence and the presence of the child’s attorney from Law Offices of Joe Justice.

Date:                                  Signed:                                                     Printed Name:                                             

Relation to the child:                                                                         

Witnessed by: (notary seal and signature)


Acknowlegement and acceptance of Non-Authorization

Date:                           Principal’s Signature:                                            Printed Name:                               

Date:                            Child’s Counselors Signature:                            Printed Name:                               



Remember, an anonymous call is NOT evidence or admissible testimony in a real court so by letting them in, you are opening the door to become a victim of false accusations, falsified evidence and absolute misery. CPS won’t even use the anonymous caller in court since they want to stay “anonymous”. Anonymous callers are chickenshit people who can’t express their concerns to your face. People should find out what is really going on if they really care about a family. Most “referrals” to CPS are based on a petty dislike for a person by a judgmental person. “Mandatory Reporters” are usually “collaborative partners” and “stakeholders” in the child welfare industry. They are always under threat of losing their job if they don’t meet their quota of referrals to the Child Protective Services Child Abuse Hotline. Allowing the person who initiates an investigation immunity and anonymity is one of the basic fundamental problems in the systematic abuse of child welfare services.  


If you can get away with not answering the door for CPS, why put your family at risk? Don’t ever think for one minute that you can reason with these people. Sometimes, yes, social workers have appeared to be reasonable. It all depends on the social worker’s mood of the day, caseloads, schedules, and funding needs of the department. The Director of Social Services often sets the mood by the amount of pressure they put onto lower management and supervisors.  Other factors include such things as what was said by the person who made the call to CPS. For example, in our first case, my husband’s ex-wife made approximately 20 calls to both the hotline and the hospital while I was in labor. She literally said, “That baby will die if you let them take it home!” This is known by her own admittance. As you can see, we had no chance at reason. Another factor is the social worker’s initial interpretation of your character combined with their mood for the day. For example, sometimes they may go for the throat if your reaction is even the least bit defensive and they are in the mood for a challenge. Other times, they may back down thinking you will just be a pain in their you-know-what for the next year and a half, maybe longer. Sometimes a social worker will feel that your cooperation with their investigation is a sign that you are gullible and easy to take advantage of. Again, depends on whether or not they are in the mood for a challenge that day.

The risk of your child(ren) being removed from your care greatly depends upon their “adoptability”. Blond hair, blue eyed children are seen as the most marketable, well mannered children are easier for foster parents as well as adaptability, talented children are often confiscated and adopted by social workers themselves. I believe the reason for this is so that the child ultimately makes them look good and take the credit for their talents. 


Sometimes CPS will simply want you to sign a “safety plan” directing a parent or parents to change their living arrangements like forcing a parent, family member or roommate to move out of the house or to remove the children from current living arrangements. Often they instruct a parent to file a restraining order and/or file for divorce. Sometimes they demand that someone attends a program such as substance abuse (often a year long program), domestic violence or anger management class without actually opening up a case. The agency pays for the program and a Release of Information is signed by the person attending the program. Often the parent will comply but then stop attending the program without realizing that the collaborative partnered service provider (the program) will inform CPS of the parent’s drop out which will certainly be violating the signed “safety plan” thus, CPS now has cause to remove your child on the grounds that the child is no longer “safe” because you violated the “safety plan”.  A social worker will show up with the police and take your child regardless of obvious lack of the child’s saftey being “at risk”. They have been known to show up at a parent’s door, ask where the child(ren) are and even if they are now living with a grandparent whose home has no safety issues as far as CPS goes, they will go there and remove the child simply because they feel they can. Social workers do not care about whether a child is genuinely “at risk” or not, they remove children for no reason and then exaggerate the facts in their report to substantiate and justify the removal.  SO DON’T SIGN A SAFETY PLAN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BUT IF YOU DO, MAKE SURE YOU ABIDE BY EVERY CONDITION IN IT. I guarantee removal of your child if you violate it. 


If I could do things over, knowing what I know now, this is exactly the way I would handle CPS at my front door in August of 2007:  I would speak to them through our front security door rather than let them in. I would call my daughter to the door for a visual inspection then tell the social workers that I would be more than happy to speak with them when we return from vacation in three weeks since we were taking a road trip across country to visit relatives 3000 miles away. As soon as the social worker drove away I would pack up the kids and take them somewhere safe. I would have given myself three weeks to secure a place to live IN ANOTHER COUNTY.  I would probably stay in a hotel for a few nights while I made the rest of my plan. I would be extremely selective of who I talk to and who I ask for help. You would be surprised how family members and close friends and neighbors automatically think that if CPS was at your door there must be a valid reason so since they care about the well-being of your children, they eagerly give social workers as much information they possibly can to find you. I would call the school and give them the vacation excuse as well.  In three weeks, I would call CPS and tell them we are going to stay with the relatives 3000 miles away and follow up with the same thing with the school.  By then, I would be in another county or state anyway but I would still wait another month before enrolling my kids in a private HOMESCHOOL program for a while. 

Answering the door is YOUR CHOICE. Not answering the door is YOUR RIGHT. 

3 thoughts on “What Happens If You Do Not Answer The Door For CPS?

  1. I had cps and cops at my door yesterday and they said they would be back I am assuming today I don’t want to let them in even though there is nothing here and my kids went to my ex husband’s house to be safe. The cop said something about a report that was filed and they left there business cards I dealt with cps and got my kids back my oldest daughter is very scared cause my old cps worker showed up at her school and this worker has twist everything I have said. My youngest daughter was abused in the foster care home I’ve never abused them instead I got in trouble for neglect for leaving my 3 year old with my 13 yr old. It took a year in half to get my kids back. My house is quiet and there is nothing here but i still don’t want to answer the door

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