Dear Donnelly,

My sweet Angel, Donnelly Keaton Burns,

Today is August 25, 2014. It has been 1,185 days since I last hugged you, 1,185 days since I was able to see your face up close, 1,185 days since you have been able to see or speak to me and your Daddy. Oh how we miss you. Everyday of our lives we think about you, remember all the cute things you used to do, the things you liked and didn’t like, we miss you so very much. I know there is no magic wand that would reverse everything that has happened so our family could be back together again. I keep hoping and praying for a miracle. if there was a way I could possibly prove myself to your adoptive parents so they would be open to speaking to us I would do it. I would do anything they ask for just a flicker of hope that they will allow you to see us. You deserve to know that we are OK. You deserve to know that your family did not abandon you, that your family wanted to keep you, that your family will always be here for you. 

I hope you are happy, even without us. That is the most important thing, your happiness and a normal childhood. You deserve that. You are such a special little boy. I know you will grow up to be a fine man. I bet you are doing well in school. Do you like to go to school my Angel? What subjects are your favorite? What subjects to you get the best grades in? I wish I could be there for Open House night. I wish I could go on field trips with you and your class. I wish I could read you bed time stories, I wish I could take you to the movies to see Cars and Planes and whatever else is out now. I don’t keep up on those things anymore. I try to ignore them because it hurts too much to know I am not allowed to know anything about your life and what you are doing. 

I love you Donnelly. We all love you so much. xxooxxoxoxo 


One thought on “Dear Donnelly,

  1. My feelings exactly, only I am alleged to be a “possessory ‘conservator'”…with no access to my little boy, Julian. I think about exactly the same things in this post every single minute of every day. Still fighting in Higher courts, had a big win for Julian last week (all Glory goes to the Lord, Jesus, and to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). Today was the first day of school, the third consecutive one without me. Another one of those…but I’m still here, and so are our sons. I have felt compelled to post so many more unfortunate stories lately. Nevertheless, it is sick and disrespectful that our sons are alive, and so are we, and yet this precious time is squandered. Who can steal a Gift from God without fear of punishment, or, rather, imminent danger of punishment from above? In what world is reaching into a natural woman’s womb and stealing my her only child, fertility, youth, and procreative ability, and associational and common law and natural and divine law rights (inalienable and unalienable) for she labored and was not given due compensation not a crime?

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