Whistleblower Joseph Ametrano Reveals Sandy Hook as Staged Event

Corruption is Everywhere

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

adam-lanza-picture-sandy hook

Joseph Ametrano Mug Joseph Ametrano

An unusual whistleblower,  Joseph Ametrano sent a message reminded me that the anniversary of the alleged – but highly suspect – Sandy Hook massacre is coming up next month.

On Nov 22nd, Ametrano contacted me through third party, Youtube where he made the claim that my video was in copyright violation by his company, The Bacmasters Music Studio. Amatrano had posted a video titled:  “Sandy Hook Elementary Tribute” on a VIMEO account weeks ahead of the alleged massacre. Ametrano’s video was captured and re-mixed by Dutchsince to expose the Sandy Hook foreknowledge.

This Dutchsince video is mirrored here to my wordpress account. It’s likely that all Youtube copies of this video have been taken down by copyright strike.

Ametrano has provided rich evidence that the incident was either (1) A planned attack on the staff and children of Sandy Hook elementary (2) A complete hoax or (3) a…

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