I Miss My Son Soooo Much!

Please, if anyone knows the adoptive parents, DON’T TELL THEM to watch this video, DON’T TELL THEM that it would only be right to let Donnelly see us and us see him, DON’T TELL THEM that we love him and that this is so not fair, DON’T TELL THEM anything we say because we could be arrested and I don’t want to go back to jail. OK?


3 thoughts on “I Miss My Son Soooo Much!

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  2. Shasta county with Redding and Shasta lake,California is the worst. They will put your kids with a repeat child molester not because they care about your kids they want to steal your home and all your own. Tell all not have or send kids there. The DA does not care. Cps is just organized crime. The court there pays thier relatives for foster care. They suck. Work history or education does not mater to them either. They are just liars. Parents have not rights there. Sorry for errors but, I refuse to become a drunk or druggy for those losers. I must keep busy.

  3. Do not believe the false CPS reports on tv in Redding,California that the cops are looking for abducters. It is all bs. They want morre kids to abuse for $$$$$$. Shasta County is hell. Ask any ex foster kids. They do not recieve anything but abuse and maybe a little food. Good luck to you all. Please save the children.

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