Child-Protection Worker Accused Of Falsifying Reports

Child-Protection Worker Accused Of Falsifying Reports

Oh my goodness! I don’t believe it! A child protective services worker would NEVER DO THAT!!!! 




One thought on “Child-Protection Worker Accused Of Falsifying Reports

  1. It was child endangerment when my kids so called dad leaves them locked inside a school and home till midnight. A deputy won’t let me take them home. He finally leaves and he goes off on one of them. I’m trying to find a lawyer that will address the conduct of the judge, police and GAL who caused the temporary change of in custody because of prayer. We are suffering! I’m coming up on two years without knowing why I’m unable to retain custody and wasn’t warned I could have done something if someone would speak the law. A fundraiser orchestra is coming up but I can’t come because one mouth put our whole lives in a tale spin when he destroyed my life by giving false alarm and crying wolf. They’re trying to put me out of my 2 BD studio to make sure we don’t have a place to live so I keep my girls from being placed in foster care if DSS gets it together. If the judge refused to modify the custody order it’s okay the kids need a safe place to stay. That’s what a sane mom would do. An insane police would try to arrest you for showing up to save the day and asks their father to lay there with the girl’s in his bed. Notify me of suggestions not only comments. I am in need of funds and we need encouragement to keep going. 803-767-1313

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