Social Worker’s Adopted Child Undeserving

Not only are foster homes adopting our children, so are the social workers. Recently, CPS Supervisor, Amanda Spratley, told a stranger that her adopted daughter didn’t deserve a simple CrackerJack-type of gift! Evil Step-Mother Spratley had no problem embarrassing this African-American pre-teen.

Supervisor Social Worker, Ja Hari Weir, who works at the Temecula Office in Riverside County, CA, is the sickest worker on the face of this earth. She literally ripped a camera out of the hands of a parent while she was taking pictures of her child’s bruises he got at the foster home and then terminated that parent’s visitation! She has made up the most disgusting lies about another parent. These lies are so sick that I can’t even mention them here.  Liar Weir dopes up children when they complain about being kidnapped from their parents. Be sure to check out her Facebook page:! “Whuzyomama”. I would like to know if she Is saying that “it was your mama?” or “where’s your mama”? Either way, she’s making fun of children who were taken away from their mothers!

Then there is social worker Tamika Coley (the wife of Antoine Coley who is responsible for stealing my son and giving him a complete second set of immunizations despite having the shot record!). Tamekia has named herself “Fluer De Lis Coley “.


ˌflər dlˈē,ˌflo͝or-/


  1. 1.
    a stylized lily composed of three petals bound together near their bases. It is especially known from the former royal arms of France, in which it appears in gold on a blue field.
  2. 2.

    a European iris.



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