(WARNING TO CPS) These are the crimes our CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES covers up everyday.

(WARNING TO CPS) These are the crimes our CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES covers up everyday..

via (WARNING TO CPS) These are the crimes our CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES covers up everyday..


2 thoughts on “(WARNING TO CPS) These are the crimes our CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES covers up everyday.

  1. I remember the secret that was such a great burden, the secret that destroyed my family and started this hell of cps terrorising my me.
    (I have never told in detail what horrific acts really took place)
    I remember trying to run away from home and both my brothers standing in my room wanting to stop me. (I just wanted to be free)
    I couldn’t take the burden of the secret anymore. So I just blurted it out to my brothers. I can still hear my older brothers voice ringing in my ears. LIER , LIER he screamed at me.
    I knew this was going to destroy my family, my step dad told me it would if I ever told. But I couldn’t take it any more. I ran out into the living room where my mom and step dad where watching tv. And I screamed at my step dad. TELL THEM, I’VE ALREADY TOLD, TELL THEM THE TRUTH.
    My step dad turned to my mom with a somber face and said, everything you had thought was happening all these years…it’s true. My mother and both my brothers started crying as my step dad picked up the phone and called the cops on himself. I ran out the front door, I was finally free. But my freedom from the burden of abuse cost me my entire family.
    I had no where else to go, so I called child protective services. A woman that was to be my caseworker my whole time in foster care came and picked me up. She took me to an unmarked building. I remember asking why her agencies name wasn’t on the outside. She’d said it was to keep the predators from knowing where they take the children.
    I spent most of the day confined to a tiny room with a desk, a door and no window. I sat there filling out papers (it was actually a mental evaluation) 350 questions. I’d lost my family and they just left me alone in a room to fill out this evaluation, no one would answer the door, I was locked in.
    I finally just laid my head down and fell asleep. I have no idea how much time had past, I had arrived in the morning but by time the caseworker came and open the door I could see it was dark outside. I was hungry and afraid and the only answers I could get from this woman was that she was taking me somewhere safe.
    I don’t remember walking in the door or the introductions. I just remember the lady at this home asked me if I was hungry and then I remember shoveling food in my mouth. They said I could take a shower and gave me a new tooth brush, tooth paste, hairbrush and shampoo (besides the clothes on my back, these were now the only possessions I had)
    After my shower they had me come out and sit at the kitchen table. I can still picture the large glass case that was behind the man’s back, it was full of hippos. Figurines of all different sizes but a large collection of hippos. They proceeded to tell me that this was not where I was going to stay (so don’t get comfortable)
    I had to accept that since I didn’t have a choice. So i went to bed. The Next morning the caseworker came and picked me up she was taking me to my foster care that would be beyond anything I suffered at home with my family.
    The foster dad was a truck driver and the foster mom was shaped like a pear (really I’d never seen such wide hips and butt with such a small top half, she was a strange sight for me) they had one daughter of their own living with them. I would soon find out this spoiled brat and I where going to be worse enemies.
    There were girls there that came and went sometimes I had to share my room and sometimes I had the room to myself. I remember one of the girls there had been placed in foster care because her parents said she was a lier and they didn’t know what to do with her. I had witnessed this girl being molested by the foster dad’s brother. She had tried to tell and they sent her to more counseling. (But the guy came back to do it again)
    I hated these people there daughter would hit me and steal all my stuff. The dad was a drunk. And the step mom treated us all like Cinderella. I barged in on the man molesting one of the foster girls (caught in the act) I I screamed child molester I’m telling.
    I spent the day in counseling/ therapy, the man was asked never to return to their home again.
    The foster parents now hated me. I’d told on one of their beloved family members and they retaliated. I spent months working outside early in the morning taking care of the horses with no adult supervision. One of the other foster sister was with me. I hated and loved this foster sister. We became worse enemies and then best friends. On her second day in foster care the foster mother allowed her to take me outside and beat me bloody as she watched.
    I had blood all over my face when I finally came in the house. I was told to go clean up and go to my room, I wasn’t allowed to go to school for a week.
    Several times this foster sister attacked me and the foster parents did nothing about it. But I got stronger I started learning how to fight back. This girl would light little metal objects out of sight at the kitchen table and then place them on my skin under the table, I still carry many of these burns scars today (about 27 years later) I remember crying out and the foster dad telling me to be quit at the table (he was always drunk)
    One morning while my foster sister was using a hay hook to pick up hay for the horses (I guess i was standing to close) she hooked me deep in my gut. I spent two days in my bedroom and never once saw a doctor for any of it.
    (I will write more soon, I’m tired as this is emotional for me)

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