Criminal Charges Dropped for Savannah Lackey

Criminal Charges Dropped for Savannah Lackey

But she still has to deal with CPS!


2 thoughts on “Criminal Charges Dropped for Savannah Lackey

  1. Yes and now she is dealing with CPS. This is my daughter and grandchildren. Cps has returned the children on a trial visit. The stipulations, random testing when she doesn’t have drug problem,visit in the home every week, counseling which she will need when there done. As well father can not visit unless supervised at cps office, and to top it off requesting that grandmother “Na-Na” take drug testing. Just for the public to know, i do not have any drug history or drug criminal history. Although 15 yrs ago back in Oct. of 1997, I was a victim of cps. There where false allegations made to cps against me by a vindictive individual.This individual figured out what would hurt, take my only child Savannah. To make a long story short i pleaded and bent over backwards for those people Cps drug testing never failed one, counseling whatever just wanted my little girl back.Now 15 yrs later these people have reason to think they are going to have me do this again with my grandchildren. Well being more educated this time around, I requested that they give me something stating that I’am required to do testing to see my grandchildren NO THEY REFUSED . They said this would be voluntary, excuse me whats voluntary about stating” if you want to see your grandchildren again you will test”. Then i said well can i at least get something stating if i test for your department that unsupervised visits will be giving back to me. Department worker yell stating no and that if i don’t test by 430 she will consider it a positive test. Now that have told my daughter basically she and my grandchildren are deprived of having a mother and grandmother around. I am not to come to there office my daughter home or see my grandchildren or they will take the children back. I’am frustrated, tired, overwhelmed and lost for words. What i do know is that i have maintained a consistent daily contacted in my grandchildren and daughters life and it certainly seems unjust of these corrupt heartless department.

    • That “voluntary” drug testing is called COERCION. At the next hearing your daughter can object to it on the grounds that you were threatened and that it lacks foundation. Then when the Judge overrules her objection then she can appeal it. If you are in California you can file a JV285 to get relative standing in the courtroom. Then you can make your own objections. However, if Savanah has her children you may not want to rock the boat. It may be better to just go along with it. Email me at: for more insider information regarding tolerating CPS.

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