Q & A: Searching For My Son’s Adopted Last Name?

SOMEONE IS SEARCHING FOR MY SON USING HIS ADOPTED NAME. There are only a few people who could be doing this. Let me save you some time. We have never and would never use our son’s adopted last name on this site or any site. We have not disclosed his new last name to anyone. The only people who are aware of that information, on our end, are those who have seen our RESTRAINING ORDER documents and that would be our immediate family only.

I don’t understand, if this person who is searching the internet for my son’s adopted last name is paying attention to this site then they must realize by now that our version of the events that transpired which we have tried to explain to them are TRUE. They must realize that CPS really is stealing children using falsified evidence and also realize that if it would happen to them the way it did us, they just may have done the same thing as us and rescued this precious child from the dangers of foster care.  They should realize that CPS is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

To us, Donnelly is priceless. To CPS, Donnelly was worth thousands in Adoption Incentive Funds.  My attorney, Marla Mahoney, told me that no matter what I did, there was NOTHING I could do to prevent my rights from being terminated because Donnelly was “so adorable and so adoptable”. Social worker, Antoine Coley told me numerous times that “the decision goes much, much higher” than him.

We love Donnelly more than life itself as we do all of our children. I bet the adoptive parents feel the same way. How would they feel if CPS just came in and took him for no good reason and then fabricated evidence to trick the judge into substantiating the allegations? I bet they couldn’t even imagine.

If they called CPS when they received my letter, our story and videos of our family, to complain about not keeping their information private (their names were in the court file, in the INDEX of the records provided by the appellate court attorney) then I’m sure that the first thing CPS said was that they better file and get a restraining order or else they would remove Donnelly from them. So that’s what they did. But, during the last hearing, the adoptive mom should have heard the judge deny my sister-in-law’s request for placement spewing bullshit that my sister-in-law couldn’t “protect” Donnelly from us even if she filed a Restraining Order. The Judge determined that a Restraining Order wouldn’t do any good as it was his bias opinion that we have no respect for the law. So how and why would CPS require the adoptive parents to file a Restraining Order? See what I’m talking about?

I can’t wait until Donnelly is old enough to search for his own name. Then he will know the truth and he will know that no one even asked him if he wants to see his us or Sissy Kayla, Sissy Alex, his brothers, Stephen, Billy,  and Christopher or to see Pop Pop (who most likely will have passed by the time he’s Googling his own name) and his Aunt Cindy.  We are NOT dangerous and I know that they know that.

We love you Donnelly. xxoo


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