Our Last Days With Donnelly

In The CPS Office





We rescued our son, Donnelly, from the custody and control of Child Protective Services in May 2011 after he told us how he got a bruise on his face. More children are abused, neglected and killed in CPS care than children who remain at home.

Parents need to take a stand against CPS.

When the government is threatening to remove  gun rights, citizens are all in an uproar and they protest.

But the government can remove parental rights and the citizens just say, well those parents must have been bad.

The government can’t be trusted but when it comes to CPS, everyone says, “Well, if your child was taken from you there must be a good and valid reason. They just don’t take children for the heck of it.” NO, THEY DON’T. NOT FOR THE HECK OF IT. FOR MONEY. 

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